Meditation for Educational Purposes

I provide Meditation or Mindfulness sessions for school children aged 5 to 18. I have considerable experience in the education sector as a university lecturer, a teacher in secondary mainstream and special needs schools and as a teacher of English as a Second Language both abroad and in the UK. I have full CRB and insurance in place.

I am an excellent communicator, good listener and am able to manage challenging behaviour effectively. I enjoy working with children of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and nationalities.

I am passionate about teaching Meditation, having seen first hand the positive changes that students and teachers comment upon after only a couple of meditation sessions. We tell children all day long to ʻpay attentionʼ yet they do not know how. Meditation and Mindfulness shows them how and is a vital life tool that children can take with them into adulthood.

Reports show that Meditation improves exam performance for individuals and schools because it:

  • has a calming effect on hyperactive children;
  • improves focus and concentration;
  • promotes positive thinking, problem solving and reflective behaviour;
  • boosts confidence in shy pupils;
  • makes for happier individuals and improves classroom behaviour;
  • has positive effects on general health and wellbeing;
  • is a tool for life;
  • reduces stress within the person, the teacher and fellow classmates;
  • promotes inner peace.

All I need is a quiet room for the session in the morning or afternoon. I liaise with the educational setting to decide which age groups and children would benefit most from the sessions which last up to an hour and are designed to fit into the individual schoolʼs timetable.