Meditation for General Wellbeing

I provide one to one and group meditation sessions where you learn to incorporate meditation into your life. Meditation has been used over centuries by the most successful people worldwide as a means to relax, achieve wellbeing and to enrich life at a personal, financial and spiritual

Many recent winning olympians have quoted their regular use of meditation and visualisation as a vital part of their training to achieve their goals. Famous political leaders, writers, actors and entrepreneurs have also attributed their success to meditation.

"Meditation works great. I'm religious about it when I'm working... meditation with me is just a self-reliant thing. I believe in whatever self-help you can give yourself." Clint Eastwood

Meditation has been shown to have a remarkable effect on health and wellbeing, and some GPs and NHS providers are beginning to recommend meditation as an alternative treatment of choice for some conditions.

Meditation boosts the immune system, seems to keep the effects of aging at bay, induces a relaxation response that reduces mental anxiety and physical tension. In addition, when you meditate you begin to appreciate a special sacred quality in everyday situations. One of the many benefits of regular meditation is an understanding of why you act the way you do and you become aware of your habitual actions. Meditation puts the brain into neutral and gives it a well earned rest. When the mind is clear, you can discern what is important and what to discard, your thinking becomes sharper, more focused and more productive, leading to an increased ability to study and an improved academic performance. People who meditate feel more intimate with themselves and others.

There are thousands of different meditation techniques from many different traditions, but
they can be classified as five types:

  1. Concentration Meditation
  2. Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Reflective Meditation
  4. Creative Meditation
  5. Heart Centred Meditation

I combine different techniques, creating tailor made meditations for individual clients and groups, to meet their specific needs.